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The Black-Out Fake-Out
Mysteries by Kids 20
by Matthew G.

"August 15th was our first day back at school, and we spent half the day standing outside because the fire alarm went off. But there hadn't been a fire at all. Someone pulled the alarm as a prank, and I knew who!"
I knew who pulled the alarm, so I had quite a few choices. First, I could go straight to the principal's office and tell him who did it. Since it was the right thing to do, I went to his office.
But on the way there, I accidentally walked into a ladder, and a can of nuts and bolts that the janitor was using to fix somebody's locker fell on my head. I was knocked out and had a case of amnesia. All I remembered was that somebody pulled a fake fire alarm and I wanted to figure out who did it.
So I asked Donna A. to find out who was near the fire alarm that day. Donna said it could have been Bobby G., Kurt W., Greg B., and one name that I didn't quite hear. In case I didn't mention it, my name is Brandon D.
Bobby G. was in the bathroom when the alarm was set off, but he still could have done it because the bathroom is right next to the fire alarm that was pulled. Bobby said, "I used the bathroom in the gym." The gym is on the other half of the hall, so that eased my spirit, but I still had my suspicions.
Next on the list was Kurt W. Kurt was in his classroom, so I decided to ask the teacher if anyone left the room before the alarm went off. The answer was no, because she was teaching a new lesson in math. Kurt's worst subject is math. He might have slipped out when the teacher had her back turned. He could have slipped out, pulled the alarm, and got back before the teacher noticed. His classroom is two rooms away from the alarm, and if he ran, he could have got there and back in 10 seconds easy.
The next person on the list was Greg B. Greg was in the lunchroom because it was his lunch hour. A few minutes before the alarm went off, Greg went to the bathroom. Instead of going to the bathroom, he could have pulled the alarm. And since nobody went with Greg to the bathroom, nobody would know that he did it.
I went back to Donna A. and asked her about the name I didn't quite hear. Again, I didn't quite hear it, but it sounded liked Brandon P. So I went to ask Brandon P., but he was home sick that day. He lived two houses away from school, so he could have snuck in, pulled the alarm, and sneaked back out when his mom left him home alone. She never would have noticed that he was gone because he could have gotten back home before she did.
None of this was making sense. They were all reasonable explanations, but something felt wrong. I thought of names that sounded like Brandon P. I got Brandon B., Brandon C., Brandon E., and Brandon D. My school didn't have a Brandon B., C., or E. That only left me, Brandon D.
I understand now. The name wasn't Brandon P., it was Brandon D. I was getting my memory back. I was going to the principal's office because I knew who did it: I did. I did it because it was the last year I was going to be in this school, and I wanted to do something to remember this school by. I was going to the principal's office to tell on my myself because I knew it was the right thing to do. I was knocked out on my way there, so I didn't remember that I did it. I was not punished that bad because I was knocked out and tried to figure out who did it. I only got three weeks of detention instead of five weeks. I got off easy this time, but next time I might not be so lucky. I decided never do anything like that again.
Congratulations, Matthew G.!
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