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The Magical Book
Mysteries by Kids 19
by Melissa M.

Last summer was the greatest adventure of my life. I was at a family reunion when my old Aunt Gertrude walked over to me, handed me a book, and whispered in my ear, "It's your turn honey. Use it wisely."
My mouth dropped open as I stared at the book.
"But...I...why...what...?" I sputtered. Aunt Gertrude motioned for me to be silent.
"I'm sorry, Evelyn, but you have to find out on your own." With that, she left me gaping at the book.
The book was old and dusty. Big and leatherbound, the pages were yellowed and worn with age. I opened the book and found only empty pages. "What?!" I exclaimed in disgust. "What a cheap book!" All of a sudden the book began to glow, and I gaped in awe. Moments later, the glow was gone, and the pages were still empty.
The whole way home from the reunion, my older sister bugged me to see the book. "Tamalia, stop bothering Evelyn." As we pulled into the driveway, my mother asked what the gift was. "Aunt Gertrude gave me this old book today at the reunion." In the rear-view mirror, my mother's face was pale and strained.
In bed that night, I was looking over the book when Tamalia came in. "Eva, can I please see the book?"
She sat down on my bed as I handed her the book. "Be careful" I said.
She leafed through the pages, and looked puzzled.
"It has empty pages, what's up with that?"
I shrugged. "Aunt Gertrude didn't say anything, only that it was my turn and that I would have to find out on my own."
Tamalia looked bugged. "Freaky" She said, when I finished telling her the story of what happened. "I'm glad I'm not you." With that, she left my room.
I put the book under my bed, and went to sleep. The next morning after breakfast, I went out into the loft to look at the book some more. What intrigued me were the designs on the back and cover. There was a latch on the book, but it seemed to have no key.
I leafed through the pages once more and noticed something at the very back of the book. I stared at it, not knowing what to think. It was a paragraph of fine print that wasn't there yesterday.
Mystified, I spoke the words. "Aklana, borguha, nienea, morovastic."
The next moment, all was black.
I woke up to find myself in a small hut, where an old, frail women stood over a big black cauldron, muttering strange words like those I had just spoken. I lifted my head, and it throbbed terribly. I fell back onto the cot I was laying on.
The woman turned around and noticed me awake. "Ah, you have woken."
I pinced myself to make sure I was awake, and strangely, I was. "Where...where am I? How did I get here? What's going on?"
She walked over to me. "Calm down, my child. All will be explained in a few moments." She put some sort of a poultice on my throbbing head to ease the pain.
A few minutes later, the woman sat me down in front of a table. She muttered some words, and my mom appeared in front of me! I shreiked, and jumped back.
"Don't be afraid honey. Your Aunt Grace will tell you everything." My mom said.
I looked at my so-called Aunt Grace, puzzled. She sat down in front of me.
"A long time ago, your great-great-great-great Aunt Germaine bought an old looking book in an antique shop. She found writing in the book, and spoke the words aloud, like you did." As she spoke, the mystery became clearer.
Aunt Grace continued. "Soon she found herself in another world, where everything was different, full of strange, mythical creatures. A wizard there explained to her the meaning of her visit, and her book. She learned that the book was magic, and the Other Place was her initiation into the magical field. She would go there often, and practice her magic and spells at home. However, it was all good magic."
My mother took over. "From then on, she passed the magic book down for generations, and it is now your turn. Once you get back home, words will appear on the book, but no one else but you and the already magicians will be able to see it."
I stared in wonder, trying to take this all in. But now, a year later, I am an experienced magician and have traveled countless times to the Other World and gone on magical trips and practiced wonderful spells. It is everything I could want to have.
And when I'm older, I think that my sister Tamalia should use the book next...
Congratulations, Melissa M.!
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