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The Bad Luck Bracelet
Mysteries by Kids 18: April 2000
by Tiffany L.

As I sat down under the old creaky oak tree, I spotted a mysterious looking metal box partly buried. That was when the bad luck started.
I had just come home from school and was resting under the tree when I saw the metal box. I crawled over to it and began to dig it out. When I finished digging, I took the box and carefully opened it. I looked inside. There was nothing except for a shiny bracelet and a note. I took the note and read it. It read: "Anybody who dares to wear this bracelet shall have bad luck for the rest of their lives." I read the note over and over again. Then, I took out the bracelet. It looked so shiny and beautiful that I decided to wear it anyway. Maybe somebody just put the note in as a trick. I put the note back in the box and decided to bury the box back in its place. I wore the bracelet as I walked home.
When I opened the door, my mom ran over to me and said, "Honey,your room is a mess! You should go up there and clean it right away." "But Mom!" I started to say, but she cut me off. "Don't try to argue with me. Oh, I've decided that since your room was not clean, I will have to give you more chores." After saying that, my mom walked back to the kitchen.
All that day something bad happened. I skinned both of my knees, got grounded for three weeks, had to clean up my brother's room, made my friend mad, spilled my milk onto my dad's new pants, and worst of all, have to go to summer school!
The next day, I knew I had to put the bracelet back. After school, I went to the oak tree and tried to find the silver box, but it wasn't there anymore. I searched everywhere, but no luck. Then, while I was resting, I saw a small piece of paper on the ground. I went over to it. The paper read: "If you want the bad luck to change, you must find the silver box, put the bracelet in it, and put the box back into its place under the oak tree."
After reading the paper, I tried to find the box again, but of course I couldn't find it. I took the paper and was about to go back home when something inside me told me to look on the back of the paper. I decided to give it a try. When I looked on the other side of the paper, I saw a picture of a house, just like mine, and I saw the silver box in a bedroom.
I ran home and searched everywhere in the house. When I went into my room, I saw a silver object under my bed. I took it out, and it was the silver box. I wondered how it got there. I took my bracelet and put it in the box. I was about to take the box back to the tree when my mom called me to dinner.
A few bad things started happening, but just a few. The next morning, I took the box and went to the oak tree to bury it. After burying the box, I got up and was about to leave for school when I saw a very colorful and bright object. I picked it up. There was no note saying anything about bad luck, so I was about to put it in my pocket, but instead I just dropped it and walked away. I've learned my lesson about taking something that you don't know about.
I turned away and was about to walk to school when my brother came running towards me. What he said made me so mad. He said that the box, the bracelet, and the note were all part of his trick. He knew that I usually sit under the oak tree, so he buried the box with the bracelet and note before I came home from school. He messed up my room, and did all the bad things that happened to me. It turns out, my whole family and some of my friends were part of my brother's trick too!
Congratulations, Tiffany L.!
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