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Wisenheimer Mansion Monsters
Mysteries by Kids 16: January 2000
by JessiQT11

Everyone knew about the Wisenheimer Mansion-- no one ever came out of it. But I had to follow when my little brother ran into the house! This all happened about a week ago, while I was practicing soccer to my brother. We live right next to the old mansion, which gave all of my family the creeps, especially because of all the rumors about it. I was kicking the ball around when my brother, James, wanted to play. I told him not to kick the ball out of our yard, but he did anyway.
The ball flew over our hedge and landed on the path in front of the mansion's front door. Before our eyes, the front door opened and the ball rolled in-- by itself!
James went running after balls. I yelled, "James, don't go in there!" but he was running too fast to hear me. I ran after him, calling him to stop, but he kept on running. "Listen to me!!" I screamed. "You better stop now!!"
He ran straight into the mansion. He screamed, "I got the soccer ball!" But it was to late. The doors slammed closed, with a booming, echoing sound.
I leaped over the hedge and ran into in the mansion, and the doors slammed closed. I looked around. No sign of James. I walked around for a while, and then started to call his name. All I heard back was an echo, saying the same thing. Then suddenly, I heard a shriek. James!!
The scream gave me a scare. Chills ran up my back. I raced down the halls, towards the sound of the scream.
I ran down what seemed like miles of halls until I finally found the room where the screams were coming from. I burst through the door, calling, "Are you okay?" But James didn't look at me-- he was looking at something standing over him, and he kept on screaming.
Finally, I saw exactly what he was screaming about. Right in front of him was a big, ugly, disgusting creature. He wasn't that tall, but he was big, and so covered in long hair and dust that you could hardly tell who he was-- or what he was. He had enormous fangs and scales all over his face.
"Shhhh!!" the creature said. James and I looked at each other. "He'll hear you." the creature said again.
"Who??" I whispered softly.
"My father. I'm not like him. I'll do what I can to help you get out, before he gets you." the creature said, sounding scared. The creature walked out of the room and looked carefully to the left and right. He motioned for us to follow him. We all crept through the halls of the mansion, and we found ourselves at the back door.
We were about to open it, when a huge shadow loomed over us. "Hurry!! That's my father, go!!" the creature said, shoving us out.
"Boy, that was scary." James said. "I wonder what that other shadow was."
"I don't want to find out!!" I said firmly, and pushed James toward our house.
James said, "Well, I do. There are no such things as monsters, and I'm going to find out what all this is about."
"You're too little," I said firmly. James stubbornly started to walk back toward the mansion. I sighed. "Alright-- I'll find out what's going on. James, tell Mom I'm not going to come back until late." And with that, I went straight back in the mansion. When I walked in again, no one was in sight.
"That's funny." I said to myself. I walked upstairs, went in all the rooms, went back downstairs, looked in all the rooms, and when I looked in the last room, I saw a microphone, a cutout cardboard of a monster, and a monster suit, exactly like the one that we saw. I walked around in the room, and saw props straight out of a horror movie.
"Well, who ever lives here didn't want guests." I said to myself. I went outside, and saw two men. One was tall and skinny-- and other was a man of medium height-- exactly the height of the monster James and I had seen. "What are you doing here?" the medium man said.
"I think the question is what are you doing here." I said, starting to get angry.
"That's none of your business," The tall man said.
"I know your secret, I figured it out. You don't want any guests so you rigged up this fake haunted house to scare everyone away. Why do you do this?" I said. I was really angry.
At that moment, James and my parents came flung open the doors. "What's going on?" my mother said.
I turned to them. "These two men have been trying to scare everyone away with their haunted house-- and with no good reason!"
"No-- there is a reason," said the smaller man. "This house was the house of our father, George Wisenheimer."
"I remember him," said my father. "He used to be the bank president of a big bank in New York-- but then one day he disappeared with everyone's savings!"
The smaller man nodded. "He did. And he was very rich, but he died before he could make a will. He never trusted banks, so he hid all the money in the house. And after he died, we couldn't afford to pay for the house-- but we didn't want anyone to buy it and find our money! So we started rumors about it being haunted, and made it look like that. We haven't found the money, and we haven't even started to look because to many people come here to see if it really is haunted, and they find out that it isn't, and, and, we just want our money!!" the man said, sounding tired and distressed.
We called the police and the two men were taken away. We told them what happened, and the next day search crews entered the mansion and started looking for the money. Finally they found the safe in the basement and were able to give the money back to all the people George Wisenheimer had stolen from.
And as for me, I was rewarded by the town, for finding the two monsters. I got a gold plaque, and my parents gave me the best reward, a banana split with whipped cream, nuts, sprinkles, chocolate chips, hot fudge, and a cherry on top.
Congratulations, JessiQT11 !
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