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Something Stole Milo
Mysteries by Kids 14: November 1999
by Sierra R.

It was autumn again and that meant one thing: raking leaves. I was in the yard raking piles and piles of leaves when suddenly an enormous dark object dropped from a tree! It was a huge turkey in a black cape!
I was baby-sitting my granny's puppy Milo when it happened. Milo started barking. I turned to find something to scare the big bird off with, and Milo stopped barking immediately. I turned back and Milo wasn't there! Neither was the turkey! I was in deep trouble. I knew the turkey had to belong to somebody, so I went to ask the neighbors.
First I went to asked Miss Zelda, the elderly lady in the green house next door. "Hello," she said when she opened the door.
I said, "I'm here to ask if you're missing a turkey." I didn't dare say it was wearing a black cape! Who in the world would believe me?
Miss Zelda smiled and said, "No, dear. I'm not missing a turkey. " She laughed and said, "I'm afraid the only turkeys I have around here are in my freezer."
"Okay," I replied. I was about to go on to the next house when she called me back. "Wait! I saw a very mysterious young woman at the spooky old Hill mansion down the street. I think she just moved in. Perhaps she lost a turkey."
"Thanks a lot!" I said. All the kids in the neighborhood had heard stories about the old Hill mansion, and it did scare me a little. But if I wanted Milo back, I knew I should check everywhere-- even the old Hill mansion.
I rushed over on my bike and knocked on the creaky old door. It slowly opened by itself! I had to keep thinking about Milo, or I would have bolted from that porch right then.
But I slowly stepped into the entrance hall. Everything was all decorated for Thanksgiving, and the dining room on the right looked as if someone was about to have a feast. But nobody was there!
While my eyes traveled around this strange old place, I noticed a young woman on the balcony that overlooked the first floor. She had to be the person that Miss Zelda was talking about.
The lady didn't say anything, but she motioned for me to join her. "That's strange," I thought. Still, I went up the stairs to the balcony. She was sitting at a small round table with a crystal ball in the middle.
"What may I do for you?" she asked, just like it was nothing unusual to have a total stranger walk into her house.
"Can you help me find Milo, my granny's puppy?" I explained to her what had happened.
"Why, of course," she replied. She waved her hands and the crystal ball suddenly lit up. Inside I could see the giant turkey running down the street with Milo tucked under his wing. The woman called out, "Come back to me you feathered freak or on Thanksgiving you will shriek!!!!"
Then it happened! A giant cloud of glitter and smoke filled the room. Before it cleared, I heard Milo barking! Somehow the lady had made Milo and the turkey appear in the room with us.
I was so happy that Milo was back. He was happy, too. He jumped into my arms and gave me a big puppy kiss.
As for the lady, I thanked her over and over again. Then I asked her how she did it. She smiled and shrugged. "It's just a trick that has been passed down in my family."
Suddenly two policemen broke down the front door.
"Is everything alright?" the shorter one called. "Someone reported seeing smoke in the mansion."
"No, we're fine!" I called. I turned to ask the lady what to do, but they had disappeared.
I came down the stairs, Milo barking in my arms. One cop asked me what just happened.
I described the lady and said, "She helped me get my grandmother's puppy back." I didn't say anything about the crystal ball or the turkey. Who would believe me?
The policemen paused and looked at each other. Then one of them said, "Kid, the lady you just described sounds like the one who lived here long ago. Old Mrs. Simmons." He looked at his partner. "Remember when we were kids? Everyone always said she practiced magic, and she had that crazy pet turkey that followed her everywhere..."
"That must be her!" I said. "This lady had a pet turkey, too!"
The policeman stopped talking and looked at me seriously. "That couldn't be Mrs. Simmons, kid. She died 17 years ago on Thanksgiving."
I sat down on a chair, hard. I looked up at the ceiling to try and make sense of what I heard when I saw it-- a giant, stuffed turkey sitting on the mantelpiece. And it winked at me!
Congratulations, Sierra R. !
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