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My Not-so-Normal Night
Mysteries by Kids 8: May 1999
by JenTiger

I got up one night to get a drink of water. Everything in the kitchen was dark... when suddenly the back door was blown open and the room filled with light. I immediately felt a warm sensation over my entire body. It was as if a thousand hot grains of sand were being poured over my body. The light was so intense, but I didn't feel the need to shield my eyes.
Then... darkness. I don't know how long it remained dark but I then started to see blurry visions of... people? Animals? Shadows? No, they couldn't be shadows, because someone or something was talking to me.
"Hello? Hello?"
The voice was kind and soothing, and it somehow made me feel warm and loved. Then, my eyes fully adjusted and everything came into full focus. I was in some sort of hospital. Or was it an office? I couldn't tell at all. It looked so different from anything I had seen before. I was definitely in a room, that I knew. The ceiling above me pulsed and radiated with a warm, calming light. The walls had pictures on them... no, in them. It was as if they were gigantic computer screens with pictures and frames and paint already programmed in. I was laying in some sort of tube with six curious-looking faces peering in at me.
They looked like regular people, but their clothing and hair were... well, weird. They all had on clothing that seemed to hover over their bodies, swaying and flowing as if it was underwater or something, but these had an electric quality to them.
"Hello? Can you understand me?" That came from one of the women to my right. I nodded and she opened the tube that I was in.
"Wh-Wh-What the heck is going on here?" I was both frightened and confused. Just two seconds ago I had come downstairs to get a drink of water and all of a sudden I was... here, wherever that is.
"Just calm down. You're okay and completely healthy. You are the first successful person to travel to the future! You should be very proud and excited."
"Uh... WHAT?" Needless to say, I was completely speechless. How would YOU react if you were a little thirsty, wanted to get a drink, and then all of a sudden were in a room with some people who said that you traveled to the future?
"We've been working on this machine for months. It uses both black matter and little pockets in time and space to take people to the future."
"Uh-uh-uh..." I was stammering badly now. I was completely dumbfounded! "Uh, you said you could take me to the future right?"
"Yes! You'll be an interplanetary star! We've been perfecting the technology for YEARS! For a while there we thought that people from the planet Itendo would be the first one to successfully time travel, but you have made us the first successful ones!"
"Wh-What? Please! I just want to go back home! Send me back home or something! I don't care! I just don't want to be part of whatever is going on here!"
"What? Aren't you proud to be the first successful person to time travel? I think you're being a little rude here! We spend all this time and money into this project and you aren't even grateful?!"
All the faces looked really angry at me now. I really didn't like where this conversation was headed. I had also just noticed that besides from being in a clear tube, which is pretty degrading in itself, I had worn my flannel pajamas with the little piggies on them, which I guess wasn't such a smart choice for the night that I was to make history.
"Please! I am begging you! Just send me home and let someone else time travel!" That's when I noticed a tiny little button on the side on the tube that said, "Go Back." I reached for the button eagerly.
"NOOOO! Don't touch that!" they all yelled, but it was too late. I was again surrounded by light, then darkness, and then I heard a familiar voice calling for me.
"Jessica! This is the last time I am calling you for school! Get up already or you'll miss the bus!"
I hopped out of bed, had breakfast, brushed my teeth, put on my clothes and went to school. Just like everybody else.
Congratulations, JenTiger !
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