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The Ghost Impersonator
Mysteries by Kids 3: July/August 1998
by Megan

It was so creepy in the junkyard at night. As I looked at the abandoned schoolbus, I thought I saw something strange.
I also heard an angry voice shouting.
I had heard rumors about how the driver of the schoolbus had wrecked it so many years ago. On nights with a full moon, like this night, you can still hear her ghost, scolding her children. To this day, she still acuses them of creating a commotion, distracting her, and causing her to go over the side of a cliff next to the junkyard. But before I could further consider this irrational idea, the practical side of my mind kicked in.
I had always prided myself on my ability to over look rumors and gossip. I also remembered how Billy, Bobby, and Bruce Bonnetston were the top gossips, always looking for a chance to spread the rumor about the ghost teacher. The first step in my investigation would be to find out if the rumor was true, or even possible. The public library closed at 8:00, so I couldn't go there tonight. But I could ask my grandmother, who has lived in this town for over 50 years. I broke into a jog, and headed for home. Once I got inside, I sat down with my grandmother, and asked how the old schoolbus got into the junkyard.
"Ah, I remember that day. I was 11 years old and bored stiff. Anything new waw exciting, so you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I saw a big truck towing a schoolbus down Main Street. They hauled that bus to the junkyard, dropped it off there, and it's been there ever since.
"So it didn't fall over the side of a cliff?" I asked.
"Goodness, no! Now where did you get an idea like that?"
"Uh, long story. Goodnight Grandma." I kissed her on the forehead, and went up to bed. So the story isn't true. I know there was someone from my school in that bus tonight. I would tell the principal in the morning.
The next morning, Ms. Mudgett, our principal, listened intently as I told her my story. She said she would survey the students to find out who knows about the ghost story, and find out what they were doing last night. That day, my teacher passed out a paper asking to write about the old schoolbus. I smiled. That afternoon, Ms. Mudgett called out over the intercom would Olivia Davenport (that's me) and the three Bonnetston brothers. Ms. Mudgett said that they were the only ones who knew about the story and were out last night. Mrs. Bonnetston reported that the boys were home until 8:30 last night, when they left and went their separate ways. Suddenly, the Bonnetston boys trooped in.
"What do ya want, we ain't done nothin'," said Bruce.
"One of you were in the junkyard last night, acting out a story that Olivia has
proved to be untrue." said Ms. Mudgett. "What do you have to say for yourself?
"I was at the movies," said Billy.
"I was at the library doin' research for hours," said Bruce.
"I was buyin' a new football," said Bobby.
Ms. Mudgett looked at me. "I'm sorry Olivia, I don't know which one of them did it."
I smiled. "I do. Bruce did it, because the library closed before he ever left his house!"

Congratulations, Megan!
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