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The Haunted Middle School
Mysteries by Kids 1: February 23, 1998
by J. Anderson, 6th Grade
Big Pine Elementary, Marbleton, Wyoming

I didn't dare to move. I didn't dare to breathe. Hoping I wouldn't be found, I silently listened as the slow, stealthy footsteps came closer to me. I was hiding in the 6th grade hall. I had always heard rumors about ghosts haunting the schools. I wished my mom would hurry up grading her 8th grade papers so we could go home.
The footsteps came closer and faster, I didn't know where to hide. I ran as quietly as I could to the gym. Locked. I tried Mrs. Moline's classroom door. Locked. I was scared, I had nowhere to hide or run to. I decided to sprint to my mom's room, two hallways away. I ran and ran and didn't stop until I was there. The door was locked! I rattled on it until my mom opened it. Relieved, I sat at a desk. She asked me why I was out of breath. I didn't want to tell her the truth because she would probably think I was crazy so I told her that I was getting in shape for track. She just laughed. I stayed in my mother's room for safety and protection for the rest of that night until 6:00, when we left.
That night when we got home I called up my best friend, Kassi. I told her what had happened and she took it seriously. She told me it could have been Mrs. Cowden, our janitor, or maybe another student who had stayed late. I asked her if she knew of anyone who had stayed after school but she said she didn't know.
I called Mrs. Cowden to see if she had been at school that night. She told me she hadn't. But she did say that she had been confronted with a ghost that day. I believed her. She was the only one who knew how I felt.
The next day I stayed after school again and a repeat of things happened. I also called Mrs. Cowden again. She said she had been there but hadn't seen me.
I finally asked her if it was her who was doing this to me. Embarrassed, she told me it had been her and she was sorry. I asked her why she did it and she told me that she did it because she had always believed that there was a ghost in the school and hated that nobody else believed her. She wanted to make someone believe, so she chose me. She thought that a student would spread it around the school so she wouldn't be the only one believing in a ghost.

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