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Mysteries by Kids 21

Mysteries by Kids 21 Winner

Mysteries by Kids


The Black-Out Fake-Out
by Matthew G.
(Contest 20 Winner)

The Magical Book
by Melissa M.
(Contest 19 Winner)

The Bad Luck Bracelet
by Tiffany L.
(Contest 18 Winner)

A Cardless Valentine's Day
by Juliet
(Contest 17 Winner)

Wisenheimer Mansion Monsters
by JessiQT11
(Contest 16 Winner)

The Case of the Holiday Party
by Jaci L.
(Contest 15 Winner)

Something Stole Milo
by Sierra R.
(Contest 14 Winner)

The Animal Thief
by Lemon9drop
(Contest 13 Winner)

Andrew and the Basement Rats
by Katie Becker
(Contest 12 Winner)

The Two Faces of the Jaglom Boy
by MirtyPirty
(Contest 11 Winner)

Camp Nightmare
by Puppyzzz
(Contest 10 Winner)

The Barbecue Thief
by Starike
(Contest 9 Winner)

My Not-so-Normal Night
by JenTiger
(Contest 8 Winner)

by by Kristin W.
(Contest 7 Winner)

A Little Sack, A lot of Gold!
by Clairice S.
(Contest 6 Winner)

Find That Valentine!
by Jewel I.
(Contest 5 Winner)

The Puzzling Pie Contest
by Megan H.
(Contest 4 Winner)

The Ghost Impersonator
by Megan
(Contest 3 Winner)

Give Cheetos a Chance
by Sandi
(Contest 2 Winner)

The Haunted Middle School
by Janessa
(Contest 1 Winner)

The Three Feathers:

Megan lay on the table while the six of us stood around her with just our fingertips under her. We chanted "light as a feather, stiff as a board" and waited for her to rise up. Then we all screamed out, because Megan didn't just rise up she.... turned into a feather, a very stiff feather. We did not read the fine print on the bottom of the paper, which told us how to make people float. It said that if the person turns into feather, go to the back of the book. All of a sudden, we heard a knock on the door. It was Nick, Megan's dad.

"What are we going to do?" we all whispered.

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About Mysteries by Kids:
Mysteries by Kids were the winning stories from MysteryNet's Writing Contest. MysteryNet posted story starters, and kids finished the mini-mysteries. Enjoy these great mysteries-- written by and for kids like you.

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