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Solve-it 24

The Case of the
Sneak Thief's Sneakers

Featuring Nina Chase & Max Decker
How did Nina & Max figure it out?
She was the only suspect tall enough to reach the shelf AND with arms too thick to reach the last dollar.
Nina and Max could hear Mr. Reed's clarinet long before they arrived back at the shack. The music sounded loud and angry and with a lot of wrong notes.
"I think you should have the police talk to Mona Everest," Nina announced as they walked through the door.
Mr. Reed didn't seem anxious to accuse the female wrestler. "Why Mona? Out of all the people in Harborville?"
"The process of elimination," Max explained. "Only three people owned that type of sneaker. Also, the thief had to be tall enough to reach the shelf. There's no way a short person could have used the chair. It's bolted down. The thief also had to have thick arms. A skinny person would have been able to retrieve the silver dollar that fell between the cabinets. Mona's the only tall, heavyset suspect. It has to be her."
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