Solve-it #23: The Case of the Terwilliger Triplets

featuring Nina Chase & Max Decker


“Nina and Max, can you come over here a minute?” called a man from the small store across the street.

“Be right with you,” called Max as he and his cousin Nina crossed over to the Sunset Market.

“What’s up, Mr.Desmond?” asked Nina.

“Oh dear,” he said, mopping his forehead with a white handkercheif. “I don’t like this at all.”

“Why don’t you tell us about it?” said Max.

“Yes, of course. You two know the Terwilliger Triplets don’t you?” “Sure,” said Max. “There’s Tom, Todd, and Trent.” “Have they done something wrong?” asked Nina. “One of them took all the candy samples I had in my big bowl. It’s supposed to be one to a customer.”

“And you don’t know which triplet it was,” grinned Max.

“Exactly. I don’t want to call the police because it wasn’t really shoplifting, but I still think the one who did it should apologize and return the candy.”

Nina looked down the street. “I hope he didn’t go down to corner mini-mart and try the same thing.”

“We’ll go over to the terwilligers” house and see what we can find out,” said Max.

“I’d really appreciate that,” said Mr. Desmond. trent terwilliger opened the door. “Hi, Max and Nina. What’s up?” Max could usually tell the triplets apart although they looked almost identical. “Hi Trent, we just need to ask you folks if you have any idea about something that happened at the store.”

“I doubt it,” said trent. “Let me call tom and todd, though.” he went to the back door and yelled out. “Hey, you guys. max wants to ask us if we know anything about a problem at the sunset market! the” other two brothers joined them at the back door.

“It seems somebody got a little greedy,” said Nina as she explained what happened.

“Mr. Desmond doesn’t want to get the police involved,” said Max. “but he thinks whoever took all the candy should apologize and return the candy.”

“Well, it wasn’t me,” said Trent. “I’ve been busy all morning practicing my trombone and started to play.

“Say, you’re all right,” said Max. “Hope you win.”

“What about you two?” Nina asked tom and todd.

“We’ve been out hoeing in the garden,” said tom. “Mom said she’d pay us to get rid of the weeds.”

“I think Mr. Desmond made a Mistake and Just Thought he saw one of us,” added Todd. “Look, see this $5.00 bill I got for weeding? Mom paid us and we’re going
down to the baseball card shop to see what they’ve got.”

“I guess you won’t find any candy samples there,” grinned Max.

“Of course not,” said trent. “Like Todd said, Mr. Desmond Just Thought he saw one of us . It’s obvious we weren’t there.”

“No, Mr. Desmond wasn’t seeing things,” said Nina. “one of you took all the candy samples and I think I know who it was.”

Who did Nina suspect of taking all the candy samples?