Solve-it #20: The Case of the Missing Shamrock

Featuring Nina Chase & Max Decker


It was late afternoon when Nina and Max Passed Miss Flannagan’s classroom at Harborville Middle School. they were about to go home when they saw their teacher scowling at maria inside. Maria was also scowling and she was whispering to Miss Flannagan, while Megan and Patrick stood Listening Nearby.

“Let’s stop a minute and see what’s going on here,” Nina said to Max.

Miss Flannagan motioned them to come in. “I have a problem” here. Maybe you two can help me with it. You’ve solved Mysteries before, so please think a bit about this one.” “What’s going on?” Max asked. “Give us the details. Why are you whrispering, Maria?”

“I have a cold,” Maria Whispered and popped a cough drop into her mouth. “I lost my voice two days ago.”

“But what’s the problem, Miss Flannagan?” Nina asked. “Surely you’re not looking for maria’s lost voice.” Patrick and Megan giggled, but they said nothing. Miss Flannagan didn’t smile. Nor did Maria.

“My shamrock plant’s missing,” Miss Flannagan said. “It was right here on my desk, a few minutes ago. I brought it to school so my students could see a true shamrock plant, but now it’s gone. I can’t find it anywhere. I left the room for just a few moments to take some books to the media center. I know the plant was there at that time because I watered it. But when I returned to my classroom, These three were here and my shamrock was gone. I think one of them has taken it. Maybe one of them is hiding it as a joke.”

Nina thought about the missing plant as she looked at patrick, Megan, and Maria. they all looked nervous and ill at ease.

“What do you three have to say about this?” Nina asked. “Patrick, you told me yesterday that you needed a gift for your grandmother who is visiting you. was taking Miss Flannagan’s plant the solution to your problem?”

“No,” Patrick said. “Megan and MAria were already in Miss flannagan’s room when I arrived to get my English Assignment. I didn’t see the shamrock plant. I didn’t take it they’ll vocuh for me.”

“What about you, Megan?” Max asked. “You’ve worked on a lot of science projects and you’ve always liked unusual plants. Did you take the shamrock?”

“Of course not,” Megan said. “I already have two shamrock palnts at home. I didn’t take Miss Flannagan’s plant. I just stopped by to leave my book report on her desk. Maria was already in the room.”

“And you, Maria?” Nina asked.

“I didn’t take the plant,” Maria Whispered. “I Just Stopped by after chorus practice to get my notebook. We’re performing for tomorrow’s assembly. I didn’t take the plant.”

Nina and Max stepped into the hall to discuss what they had heard. when they returned nina spoke. “We think we know who took the shamrock plant.”

Whom does Max suspect?