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Loose Thumb
Magic Trick 26
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Loose Thumb
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You hold up your thumb, which is covered by a handkerchief. You offer it to someone in the audience, and the thumb comes away in their hand!

Supplies You Need

  • Carrot
  • Handkerchief
Picture 1: Loose Thumb: Magic Trick 4Find a carrot that is about the same thickness as your thumb. Carefully cut off a piece about the length of your thumb and hide it in your hand.

How to Perform
Pick up the handkerchief and cover your hand with it. Move the carrot up so it sticks out and looks like your thumb from the outside. Tell someone in the audience that your thumb has been feeling "loose" lately, and ask him or her Picture 2: Loose Thumb: Magic Trick 4to help "tighten" it. Hold out your arm and tell him or her to hold onto your thumb.
As soon as they're holding onto it, turn around like you forgot something, take a couple of steps back pull your hand out from under the handkerchief with your thumb tucked into your fist.
Act surprised! They think they have your thumb!


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