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Hanky Stand-up
Magic Trick 23
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Hanky Stand-up
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Make a handkerchief move up and down at your command as if it is standing up.

Supplies You Need

  • Handkerchief with a hem
  • Full length drinking straw
Carefully flatten a drinking straw. Next sew the straw into the hem of a handkerchief. Make sure the straw can't move within the hem as show in Figure 1. If your handkerchief does not have a seam, sew one in two of the sides.

How to Perform
Figure 1: Hanky Set up: Magic Trick 1 When you are ready to perform the trick, take the corner marked with an "A" in Figure 1 and tie a knot in that corner. Hold the handkerchief with your right hand from the corner with the knot andlet it hang down.

Tell your audience you are going to make the handkerchief stand up. With your left hand take the middle of the handkerchief where corner "B" is, as shown in Figure 2, and let go of the handkerchief with your right hand.

By slowly squeezing the straw with your thumb (this is the part you will need to practice), you can cause the handkerchief to slowly rise as if it is standing up as shown in Figure 3. As you do this tell the audience that the handkerchief responds to your command. Say "Handkerchief-- Stand!" or other similar commands.
Figure 2: Hanky Perform - Before: Magic Trick 1 Figure 2: Hanky Perform - After: Magic Trick 1


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