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Like a Hole in the Head!
Magic Trick 22

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Like a Hole in the Head
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The phrase "cough it up" takes on a whole new meaning with this coin trick!

Supplies You Need

  • A Coin
You should practice a few times before you perform. No other set-up is needed.

How to Perform
Bend over and show the audience the top of your head. Tell them, "You know the saying, 'You need that like you need another hole in your head?' Well, sometimes having an extra hole in your head comes in handy-- and I do!" As you tell them this, you will be performing a quick and easy vanish with the coin.
Hold out your hands, palms up. Rest the coin on the tip of the second and third fingers of the right hand.
Holding the coin in place with your right thumb, turn your hand so your palm faces down, then raise it above and to the right of your left hand.
Put the coin in the center of your left palm. As you take away your right hand, (the coin is still held between the thumb and fingers of your right hand) hold the fingers together. Then close the fingers on your left hand, as if you were closing them over the coin.
When you pull away your right hand, the fingers of your left hand, as they close, should lightly sweep against the back of the right fingers. Move your right hand away a few inches from the left. Then cup the second, third, and fourth fingers, leaving the index finger extended.
Tap your left wrist with the right index finger, and let your right hand drop to your side (the left hand is still cupped.) To your audience it should look like your left hand is now securely holding the coin.
Bring your left hand above your head and lightly slap the top of your head. At the same time, bring your right hand to your mouth and cough loudly.
Bring your left hand down from your head and let the audience see the coin drop from your right hand into your left. "My doctor hates it when I do this," you can say. "But what else is an extra hole in the head good for?"


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