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The Darkmaster's

Chiller 29
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"Okay." Reaching down, I forced myself to pick up the mouse. It wriggled and squirmed in my hand and I almost dropped it, but I managed to hold on. "Green means go, so red must mean stop." I turned to the red knight and held the mouse up to its shield, then made a clicking sound with my tongue. In an instant, there was another flash of lightning, and when I opened my eyes, we were back in my room!
"Man," Randy panted, "what did you do?"
"The secret was a sick joke. To start the game we mouse-clicked on a green shield, right? So to get out "
"You clicked a mouse on a red shield," Randy groaned.
"Sorry, but this disk is going in the trash," I said, opening my CD ROM drive. But the disk wasn't there! The letter
The next day we decided to visit the little store where Randy had gotten it. But when we got there, he nearly had a cow, because there was no store, only a vacant lot.
"But it was here!" he cried.
"Hey, what's that?" I said, pointing to an envelope on the ground an envelope with our names on it! With shaking hands, I picked it up, opened it and read: "You won, and therefore I must go back and make my game more challenging. Perhaps we shall play again someday."
It was signed: "The Darkmaster."

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Michael Mallory lives in Southern California and writes mysteries and scary stories for kids and grown-ups.

The Darkmaster's Challenge by Michael Mallory
Illustrations by Josh Neufeld
Copyright © 2001 Newfront Productions, Inc. All rights reserved.


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