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The Darkmaster's

Chiller 29
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It took both of us to push the heavy door open. On the other side was a huge wooden room, like the kind you see in old castles. Standing on platforms against each wall was a huge suit of armor, complete with a battle sword and shield. The weird thing was they were all different colors: one was blue, one red, one yellow and one black. On the other side was another door. And there were mice in this room, too.
"You know what's happened, don't you?" Randy said, and I didn't even have to answer. I knew. Crazy as it sounded, somehow we'd been pulled into the game itself!
"Maybe that's the way out," I said, and we headed for the other door, but a clanking metal sound stopped us. Looking over, I saw that the blue suit of armor had stepped down and was now walking towards us! We turned to run back, but the red suit of armor cut us off. Then the black and the yellow ones moved in on us and before long we were surrounded! And if this wasn't bad enough, a mouse was crawling on my shoe!
"Now what?" Randy cried.
"That Darkmaster creep said there was one way out, we just have to find it."
The knights were closing in, swords raised!
The mouse was now trying to crawl up my pantleg. "Aw, man!" I shouted,


shaking my foot, but just then an idea hit me. "No," I said, "that can't really be the way out, it's too corny."
"Who cares?" Randy hollered. "If you've got an idea, go for it!"


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