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The Darkmaster's

Chiller 29
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Then lightning struck my room. That's the only way I can describe it. A sudden flash knocked me over and the next thing I knew, Randy and I were on our hands and knees in some kind of a hot, stuffy, stone room. There were lit torches and I could see picture writing on the walls. "Egyptian hieroglyphics!" I said. "This is totally nuts, but we're inside a pyramid!"
But he was too busy screaming to hear me. I turned and saw what he was screaming at. Leaning against one wall was a mummy case, and the lid was creaking open! When it opened all the way, the wrinkled bone-bag inside raised its head and looked at us!
We ran into each other at first but then toward a passageway that led out of the chamber. From behind us we heard footsteps...the mummy was chasing us!
We kept running until the passageway split into two. "Which way?" I asked, but our decision was made by the gray, scurrying thing that came out of the passageway on the right. "Eeew, a rat!" Randy screamed.
"I think it's only a mouse," I said, "but I still don't like it. Let's go the other way."


After going on for what seemed like ten miles, the passageway ended in front of two huge wooden doors."This one," Randy decided, though I think he was just guessing.


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