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The Viking in the Basement
Chiller 28
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The VikingThe footsteps came closer, and I spun around, shining the light behind me. The Viking statue stepped into the light beam, its face really angry now, and its wooden lips stretched back to show huge, white teeth.
It came closer, closer, and I tried to run, but couldn't. It was like my legs were made of cement. Then something inside my head screamed MOVE! and that seemed to convince my legs.
I ran behind a nearby stack of boxes and crates and I could hear the footsteps following me, but I had an idea. I let it get close, then I pushed against the boxes as hard as I could and tipped the whole stack over on top of it. I knew that wouldn't stop it for good, but it might give me enough time to get back to Brian and try to find a way out.
With my heart pounding so loud I could hear it, I ran back to Brian, who was still laying on the floor. I shook him, but he was out cold. Then I heard the shuffling footsteps again and they sounded close. Shining the light up, I saw the Viking just a few yards away and gaining on me. It looked really mad now!
"Get up, Brian!" I yelled, shaking him harder.


The Viking's eyes bulged and glowed in the light beam. It was coming toward us, its arms outstretched.
"Get up!"
Now the statue was close enough to grab us.


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