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The Viking in the Basement
Chiller 28
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It was a huge statue of a man in a sitting position, carved out of wood and painted in full color. It had long red hair and a bushy beard, and wore a gold, horned Viking helmet. Its ugly, frowning face was made even worse by a realistic scar that had been carved down one side of it, and its eyes were closed, like it was sleeping. Looking at it gave me a major case of the creeps.
"Hey, I know, it's a statue of Mr. Johanssen," Brian said, and I laughed. Mr. Johanssen was the school's head janitor. He was about the size of bear and always looked like he was mad.
"Yeah, and if Mr. Johanssen catches us down here, we're toast," I said.
"He won't," Brian said, but then he stopped talking when we heard a noise coming from somewhere behind us. "Shhhh!" he hissed, shutting off the flashlight. It was completely dark now and totally silent, except for a strange creaking sound.
"C'mon, Brian," I whispered, "turn the light back on so we can get out of here." I was really getting scared now.
"Okay." He switched the flashlight. Then I heard him gasp.
Looking in the direction of the light, I saw the Viking statue again, but it had changed. It was standing now. I backed up a step and so did Brian, but he kept the light on the Viking's face, which turned toward us with a horrible creaking sound. Then it did something that scared me into screaming out loud: it opened its eyes and looked at me!
The thing took a shuffling step toward us and that was more than Brian could take. He fainted dead away. As for me, something inside told me to grab the flashlight and run!


I ran as fast as I could through the dark basement, but I could hear the sound of heavy, shuffling footsteps right behind me. I ran back to the door we had come through to get into the basement, but it was locked. I was trapped!


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