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Midnight Phantom
Chiller 27
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I crept to the fence that separated my house from the orchard and cautiously peaked through a knot hole. Nothing. So I pulled myself over the fence. Crunch. I landed on a brittle branch, the snap echoing like a gun shot.
Then I heard a shrill yelp. TAFFY!
Before I could go to Taffy's rescue, I heard a footstep behind me. Suddenly, a hand reached out and grabbed my neck. Another hand covered my mouth, strangling my cries. I struggled to escape; kicking, hitting, biting.
"Ouch!" my attacker exclaimed. "Your teeth are sharp!"
"Shanna!" I broke free and faced my ex-friend. "Why did you grab me? I nearly wet my pants, you scared me so much."
"Shhssh! Do you want that creep to hear us?" she said. "I'm afraid he has Taffy. I saw her jump the fence, so I came out to find her."
"Me, too," I said. Shanna and I were so much alike. I started to smile, but remembered our fight and frowned. We were NOT friends anymore. "Let's just find Taffy."
She nodded, then pointed to a light flickering up ahead, so we moved forward.


My heart thundered. I was afraid for Taffy. Why wasn't she barking anymore? I remembered the deadly silver shovel and felt sick. Taffy just HAD to be all right.


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