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Midnight Phantom
Chiller 27
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If Shanna hadn't called me a selfish, stuck-up brat, I NEVER would have seen the Phantom. But Shanna had acted like a jerk and our friendship was over. So instead of being asleep at 11:45, I was awake. I kept thinking about Shanna. Maybe I should have let her copy my history test. Cheating was wrong, but we WERE best friends.
I looked out my bedroom window over to Shanna's house. No light in her room. Bet she was sound asleep. The jerk!
Shadowy OrchardAs I glanced away, I noticed a light in the orchard behind my house. Like a floating ghost, the small light flickered between shadowy trees, disappearing and then reappearing through tangled branches.
Someone or SOMETHING was out there. And it was coming closer. I wanted to call 911 or my parents. But I couldn't move. The flickering light grew larger. Then I saw IT. A huge floating dark blob. And it carried something long and silvery. A SHOVEL.
A dog barked, shattering the quiet night. I knew that dog. Taffy belonged to Shanna. We'd found the tiny bundle of white fur while collecting aluminum cans last summer. So when a whirl of white jumped over the fence into the orchard, I freaked out. Oh, no! Taffy, come back!


I flung on a jacket and raced outside. Tiny Taffy had the heart of a lion, but the paws of a rabbit. She would be helpless against the shadowy Phantom.


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