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Bobby's Closet

Chiller 26
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Bobby opened his eyes with a start. Something had awakened him.
He held his breath and listened.
Bobby's ClosetThere were noises coming from inside his closet. Grunts, thumps and creaks. Bobby was sure that someone-- or something-- was hiding there.
Lately, he had been hearing a lot of noises coming from his closet at night. But when he told his mother, she just said that he was imagining things.
Bobby was always too afraid to leave his room when he heard the noises. So he stayed awake until it would get light outside, then leave his room as quickly and as quietly as possible.
He never went back to his room until his mother had looked inside his closet. But when she looked, she never found anything, so after a while Bobby quit telling her about the noises, because he



knew she didn't believe him anyway.
Instead, he came up with an even better way to get his mother to look inside his closet. It always worked, too.
Bobby headed toward the kitchen.


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