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Chiller 25
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Devin glared at the substitute teacher. His real teacher, Miss Ross, was nice and didn't make the class do dumb stuff. But this substitute, Mrs. Massey, was totally unfair!
"I hate her and her dumb projects," Devin told his pal Jack. "No way am I gonna cut, color, and paste lame lovey-dovey valentines."
"Why not?" Jack asked as he cut a heart-shape out of blue paper. "Because my Mom already bought a box of valentines from the store. There's even a valentine for the teacher. Only I'm saving THAT for Miss Ross when she comes back. "
"That's cause you're teacher's pet," Jack teased. "You were mad when Miss Ross got married and even madder when she went on a honeymoon."
"Take it back or I'm gonna make you eat that paper," Devin threatened.
"Like you'd have the nerve." Jack laughed. "You're such a wimp. If you hate Mrs. Massey so much, go tell her. But I bet you won't."
Devin gulped. He looked at the substitute who sat at Miss Ross' desk, in Miss Ross' chair, writing with Miss Ross' pens.


And suddenly a WILD idea popped into his head. Mrs. Massey wanted him to make valentines. So that's exactly what he'd do.
"Instead of 'Be my valentine', I'm gonna give Mrs. Massey a 'Beware!' valentine," Devin said with a wicked grin. "That'll show her."


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