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The Darkmaster's

Chiller 29
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I kept glancing at the clock while I played my Mazecrawler game on the computer. Maybe Randy forgot that he was supposed to come over with a brand new game. Or maybe he was just late, like usual.
I was thinking about calling when I heard my Mom holler, "Dennis, Randy's here." A second later he came blazing into my bedroom and whipped off his backpack. "Check this out," he said, taking a package out of the pack.
"'Realm of the Darkmaster,'" I read off the cover, "I've never even heard of this one."
"Me neither. But I found this really neat little store over on Sixth street and the guy in charge told me that this was the coolest game ever made! It's the test version, so he gave it to me free! C'mon, let's play!" Dark Master
Randy is in sixth grade with me and he's probably the number one computer freak in the school. If anyone could find the coolest computer game in the world, it would be him. I popped the disk into my CD ROM drive and waited for it to install. But instead the screen went completely black. Then a face slowly began to appear on it.
The face was thin, pale and completely hairless not even eyebrows and the way it seemed to be looking right at me gave me the willies.
"I am the Darkmaster," the face said, "and I challenge you to enter to my realm, if you dare. Click on the green shield and you will be taken on an amazing adventure, but beware: there is only one way out.


Are you smart enough and brave enough to discover the secret?" The face then started to laugh, which made the hairs on my neck stand up. I was about to suggest playing something else when Randy clicked on the green shield icon.


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